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4th & Inches (1987)
Genres: Sports
Publisher's description

4th & Inches: Welcome to the pros, rookie.

So you were an All-American? Big deal! This is pro football, babe. It's time to put down your press clippings and start buttin' heads with the big boys.

4th & Inches gives you all of the hard-hitting action of real football: the bombs, the blitzing, the goal line stands. You'll experience graphics and animation that are as riveting as a blind side hit.

As the key player on defense, you've got to have speed, stamina and smarts. As the quarterback, you've got to read an unforgiving defense that takes no prisoners. Winning at 4th & Inches will take all the moves of a #1 draft choice plus the tactical genius of a veteran head coach.

Remember, this is the big time, hotshot. This is real football. This is 4th & Inches.

  • Time to put on the coach's headset. Each player in 4th & Inches has their own individual playing characteristics, so you'd better analyze your opponent's strengths and weaknesses before you name your starters. Your rival is starting a superquick defensive backfield. Your first string QB is a scrambler, but his back-up has a rocket for an arm. You start the backup. Hey, egos may get bruised but this ain't no popularity contest. You're out to win.
  • 4th & Inches gives you a playbook that any pro coach would envy. Go to the huddle. You've got 20 plays and 11 different formations at your command. Call the play and bring your team up to the line. The defensive grunts glare at you from behind steel cages. They're in a nicked defense...but wait! Out of the corner of your eye you see the cornerback showing blitz! Your arm got you this far - now it's going to make you the hero or the goat.
  • The ball slaps the palm of your hand as you drop for the fake draw. The fullback leaps over the top on the fake, but the safety isn't biting. He's on your receiver like a cheap suit. You sense the pressure from your blind side. Scramble. Scan the field. The halfback is wide open! You feel your knees buckling as linemen dive at your feet. Throw! Yes...touchdown!

Publisher: Accolade, Inc.

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