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A-10 Attack! (1995)
Publisher's description

Take on the best that modern day warfare can throw at you in the world's thoughest, ugliest, airborne assault vehicle, the A-10 Warthog! A-10 Attack! is the new flight simulator from the developers of Hellcats over the Pacific. Featuring an advanced physics model to accurately simulate aerodynamic behavior & rigid body motion, A-10 Attack! is the most realistic flight simulation available for the Apple Macintosh. Unique features include rolling terrain with realistic landscape & canyons, accurately modeled bombs & rockets, tactical planning map, visible control surfaces & ordnance, fully-instrumented interactive cockpit, and the multi-player Virtual Battlefield Environment.

Defend allied territory against the invading enemy forces. Attack tanks, personnel carriers, naval vessels, bridges, aircraft, ammo dumps, radar installations, and fuel depots. Fly into a sea of SAMs, destroy the approaching enemy armor, challenge the marauding MiGs.

VBE Plug-in modules allow additional land/sea/air vehicles to interact in the Virtual Battlefield.

A-10 Attack! features:

  • smooth high-resolution graphics
  • realistic flight dynamics & object interaction
  • multiple monitor support
  • multiple mission theaters
  • tactical planning map
  • over 20 accurately modeled weapons systems
  • 40,000 sq. miles of rolling terrain
  • realistic geographic features: canyons, cliffs, waterfalls, dams
  • interactive cockpit instrumentation
  • moving control surfaces & visible ordnance
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Publisher: Parsoft

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