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Amoeb Arena (1994)
Publisher's description

World Domination From A Single Cell

In the year 2309, war has been eliminated throughout the star systems. Unfortunately, however, greed continues to thrive. The sentient races of the galaxy have established a way to settle all pan-galactic disputes by introducing the AmoebArena - an organic, sub-atomic setting where players wage war on each other's microscopic armies for the possession of entire solar systems!

Command cytozoids, amoeboids, mitoplasts and blockers in surrealistic battles that pit you against a host of alien conquerors. Lock horns with the voracious Spitbacca, the mercenary Slorgakk and the repulsive Neurotron IV in competitions that will have you brain-fried and coming back for more!


  • Over 30 minutes of 3D rendered QuickTime movies.
  • Lifelike graphics and great music - and sound!
  • Built-in Scenario Editor - for nearly limitless play!
  • 5 Computer Opponents each with different attitudes and strategies.
  • 4 Characters/Personalities for you to choose to represent you.
  • Plays on both a simple 5-minutes no-brainer level and a complex thought provoking level.
  • 3 different games contest to choose from: Normal Game, Neurotrons Challenge and Tournament - 4 if you count premade scenarios!
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Platforms: Macintosh (680x0, PowerPC)
Media: 1x CD-ROM Disc
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