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Ancient Art of War At Sea (1988)
Genres: Strategy
Publisher's description


With the introduction of gunpowder, the sailing warship began to play a critical role in world history. By the mid-19th Century, no nation could hope to command its own destiny unless it could command the seas as well. Now, you can challenge five of history's greatest naval commanders as you refight some of the world's most important naval battles. Or create entirely new campaigns...and write your own history!

PREPARE FOR ACTION. Start by choosing one of eleven great naval campaigns. Alter various elements if you wish. Make things easier for yourself - or harder. Change the wind and weather. Exchange a frigate for a ship-of-the-line. Or invent all-new battles of your own.

You'll face some of the greatest naval commanders of all time from the bloodthirsty pirate Blackbeard to the "Yankee Pirate," John Paul Jones. Choose your opponent and the chase is on!

PLAN YOUR STRATEGY. Study your opponent closely to anticipate his tactics, exploit his weaknesses, and avoid his strengths. But don't delay too long. For the action won't wait. While you're maneuvering, the enemy may escape - or launch his own attack!

Still, good cannon play could save the day. So zoom in to take command of individual ships, aiming and firing cannons, leading the boarding parties as you grapple in hand-to-hand combat.

CREATE YOUR OWN GAMES...INCLUDING YOUR OWN WORLD! The Ancient Art of War at Sea includes a powerful game generator. So you can actually create your own naval battles. Determine every detail, from the makeup of the fleets to the danger of the waters they'll sail in. Even design your own continents and oceans. Then, when you've played your game, you can save it or alter it to play again and again. You can play thousands of times...yet never play the same game twice!

  • Command an entire fleet, give orders to individual ships, aim and fire cannon, grapple and lead hand-to-hand combat.
  • Five historic opponents, each using his own unique strategies.
  • Eleven prearranged campaigns can easily be altered for still more variety.
  • Powerful game generator lets you create hundreds of your own campaigns and scenarios.
  • Includes illustrated guide to naval strategy and tactics, plus The History of War at Sea.
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Publisher: Brøderbund

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