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Apache Strike (1987)
Publisher's description

Your mission:

Pilot the helicopter that will penetrate enemy cities and destroy their Strategic Defense Computers before they are used to launch an all-out nuclear attack.

Apache Strike is fast-paced and easy to play at first, yet constantly challenging because of its unlimited levels of difficulty. All the action is controlled by the mouse. You make the chopper dive, climb, and take dangerous corners in a split second simply by moving your mouse forward, back, left, and right. Your machine guns and missiles are controlled with the mouse button.

Apache Strike has 3-D animation like you've never seen before on a Macintosh. Animation that's so good, it rivals coin-operated arcade machines! And then there are the sounds of furious battle exploding all around you, provided by Silicon Beach's unique RealSound. You'll be riveted to your seat as your heart pounds and the tension mounts.

Scramble, scramble! The klaxon has just sounded. The flight crew reports that your bird is ready to launch. Hop in and grab the, the mouse that is. You're about to experience combat at its fiercest!

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Platforms: Macintosh (680x0)
Media: 1x 3.5" Double-Density Floppy (800K)
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