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Armor Alley (1990)
Genres: Action, Arcade
Publisher's description

"Armor Alley's a one way street, and you're headed down it right now. The tanks and rocketfire are coming this way. Good luck, pal. You're gonna need it."

Armor AlleyTM is hot, and it gets hotter with every battle. Through the rattle of machine guns and a searing flood of napalm, your job is to lead convoys of equipment and men through the enemy's lines and destroy his base. To succeed, you must keep your wits about you despite the constant explosions and gunfire.

YOUR HELICOPTER COVERS GROUND FORCES, CLEARING THE WAY as heat-seeking missiles hunt the engines' exhaust, trying to turn you into a falling cloud of smoking shrapnel. You must develop strategies to keep the enemy choppers at bay while you refuel and re-arm.

GOLD POURS INTO YOUR TREASURY AS YOU WORK YOUR WAY DOWN THE ALLEY - use it to buy new equipment, build new convoys and order up new choppers to replace those destroyed. But beware, if the enemy infiltrates your lines and breaks into the treasury, you could lose it all.

YOUR RADAR GIVES YOU A CLEAR VIEW OF THE ENTIRE BATTLEFIELD, as long as the enemy doesn't manage to jam it. It's a stark landscape - boulders, cacti, small clumps of trees, a ragged collection of bunkers - yours and the enemy's - all set against a starry nighttime background.

TO COMPLETE ARMOR ALLEY, you must win 8 consecutive battles of increasing difficulty. Games can be suspended, saved, and resumed, giving you time to recover mentally before pressing on to the final goal.

ARMOR ALLEY IS A COMBINED ACTION AND STRATEGIC GAME FOR 1-4 PLAYERS. It can be played on a single Macintosh® or PC-compatible, on multiple Macintosh or PC-compatible computers over an AppleTalk® network, or on remote Macintosh and PC-compatibles connected through modems over standard telephone lines (each player needs a separate copy of Armor Alley). Armor Alley supports Macintosh black & white and 16-color displays, and full color IBM.

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