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Blockout (1989)
Genres: Arcade, Puzzle
Publisher's description

Easy to play, difficult to master, impossible to quit.

Sit back and get comfortable before you open this box. You might not be moving from your computer for a while, because once you start in with the 3-D blocks, you'll be hooked.

You'll begin with the playing pit, a 3-D enclosure with length, width, and depth that you can set. During the game, various 3-D blocks will fall into the pit. Your job is to rotate and maneuver each of them into the proper position in order to form complete layers. As each layer is completed, it vanishes, giving you more points and more room to work.

Blockout will challenge your reflexes and your resolve in a test of coordination and quick thinking. But the greatest challenge of all will be keeping yourself from playing it again and again.


  • Close to 1000 possible combinations of pits and block sets
  • Pause mode
  • Animated help screen
  • Save feature to store your favorite customized setup
  • Practice mode
  • Unique 3-D perspective
  • Top ten list recorded for each setup
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Publisher: California Dreams

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Platforms: Macintosh (680x0)
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