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Comanche (1995)
Publisher's description

Comanche,TM the world's most popular helicopter simulator, is now available for Macintosh®! A whole new generation of Mac pilots can now meet the RAH-66 Comanche Attack Helicopter, the deadliest piece of military hardware ever to take to the air. Strap on your flight helmet, take command of this awesome machine and experience the thrill of 100 nail-biting combat missions that surround you with fluid, photo-realistic graphics, digital sound, unprecedented speed, and breathtaking gameplay.

Fly into gorges, hide behind hills, spy on the enemy and unleash the Comanche's impressive arsenal of hi-tech weaponry. With NovaLogic's Voxel SpaceTM technology (patent pending), you'll experience graphical details and interactive environments so realistic that your heart will pound after every mission... that is, if your heart and helicopter can survive!


  • Features higher resolution and more detailed visuals (640 x 480) due to the superior processing power of the Macintosh Power PC.
  • 100 challenging missions that provide hours of game play for pilots of all levels.
  • Stunning animation sequences.
  • The most fluid, realistic 3-D environments ever seen in a Macintosh simulator game, including such ultra-realistic Voxel Space effects as translucent smoke, snow, haze, reflective water, and dynamic 3D weather modeling.
  • Learn to fly in no time with easy point-and-shoot control.
  • Game can be played in graphic modes of (640 x 480) or (320 x 240).
  • Programmed in native code for both Power PC and 68000 systems.
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Publisher: NovaLogic

Developer: NovaLogic

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Platforms: Macintosh (680x0, PowerPC)
Media: 1x CD-ROM Disc
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