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Command H.Q. (1991)
Genres: Strategy
Publisher's description

The last wargame I played required a degree in calculus. Movement rates...attrition...morale factors...effects of weather...range values...I was surrounded by integers and ratios and modifiers - and all I wanted to do was send an armored division into Frankfurt. A wargame should be challenging, but playing it shouldn't...

Command HQ depicts the clash of superpowers and the massive military forces they command, yet is remarkably easy to learn and play. It gives you control of your superpower's entire military arsenal as well as the allocation of resources and the gathering of military intelligence, yet doesn't bog you down in pointless details or mind-numbing statistics.

What Command HQ does do is present global combat in a way that's never been achieved before. An intuitive, point-and-click interface gives you instant access to information and a streamlined, efficient method for dictating strategy.

Play against the computer and its varying levels of skill or against a friend via modem, but don't worry about starting something you can't finish. Command HQ plays fast yet never loses its fascination. And Command HQ players are all over the bulletin boards and computer networks, so you're never out of human opponents.

  • Global combat in World War I, II, III, IV or V. World War IV randomly generates political alliances and the military and economic strength of nations.
  • Realistic depiction of the nuclear issue. Do you risk Allied distrust - and Nuclear Winter - for the sake of victory?
  • Streamlined graphic interface provides instant access to information and easy, flexible movement of troops and equipment, including ground, air and naval forces.
  • All action is in real time, not turn-based. Opposing forces move simultaneously and constantly react to new events.

The latest from Dan Bunten, designer of the award-winning M.U.L.E. and Seven Cities of Gold


Command HQ supports modem play between any machine capable of running the game, including IBM-Macintosh connections. Send messages to your opponent while the battle rages!

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Platforms: Macintosh (680x0)
Media: 5x 3.5" Double-Density Floppies (800K)
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