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Crimson Crown, The (1985)
Publisher's description

A spine-tingling illustrated interactive novel Written and illustrated by Antonio Antiochia

Their Royal Highnesses, Prince Erik and Princess Sabrina, and I, Chamberlain Mikhail, implore you to aid our kingdom. A murderous Vampyr terrorizes the land of Wallachia and plots to overthrow the rightful heir to the throne, Crown Prince Erik.

The Vampyr has in his possession The Crimson Crown, which he stole from His Majesty, King John the Good. The crown possesses great magical powers, as yet unknown to the Vampyr. Should he learn them and the means to employ them, the kingdom is most certainly doomed.

Prince Erik and Princess Sabrina will accompany you, if you should decide to help save this land and its people. I must warn you, this will be dangerous adventure! The Vampyr is treacherous and will do all in his power to destroy you and your Royal companions.

Signed, Mikhail


Enter a whole new world inside your computer as you become the main character in a COMPREHEND interactive novel! Your computer describes where you are, objects at that location, and possible exits. You control the outcome of the story by typing in all actions, such as "Go North and climb the tree", or "Take the shovel and inspect it carefully". Your computer shows you the results of all actions. Explore and interact with the unknown world inside your computer to unravel the plot...but be careful, or your novel may have an undesired ending!

COMPREHEND is the program that allows you to communicate with your computer using full sentences in plain English. The Graphics Magician® program makes it possible to put hundreds of detailed illustrations into each novel. Together, they have created a brand new world inside your computer!


Antonio Antiochia - Antonio is part fiction-write, part computer artist. His first work, the highly acclaimed Transylvania, started as an all-text adventure. Then he discovered The Complete Graphics System, and Penguin discovered Antionio's graphics. With a copy of The Graphics Magician, Antonio performed magic to create the world of Transylvania. Now, three years later, the adventure continues...

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Publisher: Polarware, Inc.

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Crimson Crown, The (1985)
Platforms: Macintosh (680x0)
Media: 1x 3.5" Single-Sided Floppy (400K)