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Curse of Dragor (1995)
Publisher's description

Death is temporary and evil lurks...

For generations the land of Xorinth has prospered under the wise rule of King Meridian and the Hexaemeron Council. Adept in powers of white and black magic the people of Xorinth have lived a peaceful existence...

Many years before however, an evil prince named Dragor attempted to overthrow King Meridian and was banished. Frothing with anger and bent on revenge, Dragor has returned and has cursed the land of Xorinth into a barren wasteland.

Now it is up to you to awaken this slumbering Land. Explore the castle, find what remains of the Hexaemeron council and restore the kingdom. But beware! In this engrossing fantasy role-playing adventure, things are not always what they seem. Death is temporary, evil lurks around every corner and clues abound - if you survive to find them.

  • Full motion video sequences, featuring hand painted scenes, recount the darkness that has befallen the kingdom.
  • Choose from 15 different characters and control the actions and destinies of up to 4 at a time.
  • Over 5000 locations to explore, including torture chambers, dungeons and passages where you're an unwelcome intruder.
  • Character attributes include profession, intelligence, strength and vitality.
  • Fight cursed foes like skilled knights, headless mummies, and poisonous spiders.
  • Solve devious puzzles and avoid deadly traps or pay the price for your failure.
  • Hurl flails, jab daggers and cast spells as you explore the depths of the castle.
  • The fate of Xorinth lies in your hands. Will you restore the kingdom or become another skeleton littering the castle's corridors?


  • High resolution 3D graphics
  • Choose from 15 interesting characters (you control 4 at a time) including warriors, wizards and thieves
  • Over 5000 locations to explore and more than 500 objects to examine
  • Explore hidden passages and solve complex puzzles while gaining experience to complete your quest
  • Battle skilled knights, headless mummies, giant spiders, skeletons and more
  • Weapons include daggers, swords, flails, spells and others
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