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Deliverance (1993)
Publisher's description

Llyn Cerrig, a place of great natural beauty and wonder is threatened by Tnarom who tries to destroy its beautiful harmony by imprisoning the Fairies, the guardian angels of the kingdom. As the StormLord, you have been given the task of locating and freeing the Fairies from Tnarom's Palace. During your journey, you will be attacked by evil minions who will try different ways to kill you. Once the Fairies have been freed, you must guide them safely through the Pits of Fire, The Enchanted Forest and The Winged Warriors Filled Skies to the kingdom of Llyn Cerrig. At the end of every section of your quest, you will face a fearsome guardian who must be slain for your journey to continue.

With deliverance, you will discover a fascinating world of action and strategy with astonishing sceneries, each part of the game has its own complexity, sounds and graphics. Play the game on a small or large window, on a 16 or 256 color-capable monitor. You have never seen a game like this before on the Macintosh!

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Platforms: Macintosh (680x0)
Media: 2x 3.5" High-Density Floppies (1.4M)