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Dragon's Lair (1987)
Genres: Adventure
Publisher's description

The Adventure Begins!

You wander through the castle's maze-like corridors in search of the fair princess. A horde of monsters is suddenly upon you! You grab for your sword and attack, but there's too many of them. Choosing to run, you turn a corner and up ahead you see a door.

Clutching your sword, you open it, and behold. The screen comes to life with smooth-running cartoon animation and digitized sound taken directly from the original laser disk game.

You might make it out of this room... but what about the rest? Can you guide Dirk the Daring through the castle and caverns on his quest to rescue Princess Daphne from Singe the evil Dragon?

Dragon's Lair leads the way in interactive animation by intelligently packing 130 Megabytes of graphics and sound onto six disks to minimize disk swapping and maximize game play.

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Publisher: ReadySoft, Inc.

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