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Flight Simulator 4.0 (1991)
Publisher's description

This is the world's most popular flight adventure, and from your first taxi down the runways, you'll know why. Here's everything you need to create an authentic flight experience - great planes, great scenery, and unpredictable weather to fly in as you wing your way to one of 125 airports. In fact, Microsoft® Flight Simulator® is so true to life, you'll forget you're navigating at ground level!

  • See other planes taxi and land, sailboats float by on the lake as you land. True-to-life scenery even simulates your plane's shadow on the ground.
  • Soar in a simulated sailplane near the Golden Gate Bridge, then challenge your navigation skills as an unanticipated storm rolls in.
  • Create your own experimental jet, and put it to the test as you hotdog through an urban slalom!
  • Use multiple windows to get different views of your flight, including a map view and a view from a spot plane.

Whether you're a seasoned pilot or still earning your wings, you'll be riveted to your seat by the thrills, chills, and spills Microsoft Flight Simulator offers armchair pilots. Fly a Cessna® 182, Lear Jets, Sopwith Camel, or Schweizer 2-32 sailplane - or take a spin in an aircraft you've designed. Take a look out the window to watch the scenery below - airplanes, sailboats, and entire cities in stunning 3-D. Once you've mastered the controls, take on a new challenge by modifying your outside environment and add unpredictable clouds, winds, storms, or turbulence. With a flight adventure as realistic as this, you may need a pilot's license!

  • Now runs on both color and black-and-white Macintosh computers
  • On-screen flight instruction helps you learn everything from the basics to aerobatics
  • Enjoy the latest in aviation and navigation aids, including air-traffic-control communicatiors, approach lighting systems, autopilot, and Command Flight Path Display
  • Multiple windows let you see an on-screen map of your flying route, a cockpit view, a look from the tower, or a view from your spot plane - three views at a time!
  • Includes navigation charts, airport runway maps, and approach plates
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Flight Simulator 4.0 (1991)
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