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Gold Rush (1989)
Genres: Adventure
Publisher's description

Go West Young Man

The gold rush is on! Sell your land, pack your bags, and grab the next ride out, because fortune lies just 2,500 miles away. Become Jerrod, a young man earning a meager living in Brooklyn, New York. Travel with Jerrod as he joins the mad rush for riches in sunny California. Joining the ranks of Sierra's greatest adventures, Gold Rush! recreates an unpredictably treacherous path paved with graves of many who never saw the gleam of California gold.

THREE COMPLETE TREKS IN ONE PACKAGE! Three different quests await as you plan your journey out west. Choose from any of the common travel routes from the East Coast to the West in the mid-nineteenth century.

EXPEDITION NUMBER 1 - Travel by ship through the Gulf stream to Panama, and proceed on foot through the rugged jungles of Central America (sorry -- no Panama Canal existed in the 1840's). Avoid quicksand, poisonous snakes, and other perils on your way.

EXPEDITION NUMBER 2 - Travel by stagecoach, canal boat, steamer, and wagon train as you cross the heartland of America on your way to the wild west. Many obstacles lie in wait, including cattle rustlers, Indians, and thieves.

EXPEDITION NUMBER 3 - Become a seafarer, and take long, preilous journey from the East Coast to the tip of Cape Horn, and up to California. True marines of the deep must combat scurvey, starvation, and the dangers of the deep in order to survive.

HISTORICALLY AND GEOGRAPHICALLY ACCURATE! Guaranteed to enrich your understanding of life on the American frontier, Gold Rush! gives you a firsthand look at lifestyles of the nineteenth century, as you participate in the events of that era. Great for home or school, Gold Rush! puts old and young alike into the shoes of our native sons for an adventure carved out of our nation's past.

  • Over 150 scenes, including realistic onscreen maps of early American travel routes.
  • Historically accurate - face the same obstacles and travel the same routes as our early American forefathers.
  • Great for home or school use - discover the American frontier.
  • Includes realistic travel maps of the nineteenth century.
  • Advanced visual effects, including inset windows, overhead maps, and scenic landscapes.
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Publisher: Sierra

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