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King's Bounty (1990)
Publisher's description

You have conquered all the dungeons. No one can stand up to your might. The most powerful and aggressive of monsters flee from the mere mention of your name. You single-handedly tamed the underworld and now wish to retire.

Sadly, in your absence the overworld has fallen into disorder and chaos. Noble King Maximus has lost his Sceptre of Order, the one artifact which unites the four continents into a nation. A band of unscrupulous master criminals has stolen the Sceptre. Now, a wave of crime, terror, and anarchy sweeps across the land, threatening to destroy the civilization you call home.

King Maximus has recruited you, the hero from the dungeons, to recover the Sceptre and dispose of the arch-villains who stole it. Starting with a small army granted to you by the King, you must journey across the four continents, constantly expanding your forces, as you search for the criminals. Recruit Dragons, Trolls, Ogres, Knights, and more to aid your cause.

When you finally confront one of the villains, you must lay siege to his castle and do battle with his forces. Beware, in the overworld there are many powerful men, some even more powerful than you. Every battle you enter carries the risk of ignominious defeat and shame as well as the possibility of glory and treasure.

With the defeat of each villain, gain another piece of the puzzle which reveals where the Sceptre of Order was hidden. Take too long to solve the puzzle and watch your homeland fall into irrevocable disrepair and ruin. Return the Sceptre to King Maximus before it is too late and receive the King's Bounty.

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Platforms: Macintosh (680x0)
Media: 2x 3.5" Double-Density Floppies (800K)