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King's Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow (1992)
Publisher's description

An adventure so vast you may never experience it all.


Enter an enchanted world that has thrilled millions of people all over the world. Explore the largest, richest, most puzzling, and most exciting chapter of the best-selling series in the history of computer gaming.

A shipwrecked prince must find his way across a series of islands in search of a princess in peril. You'll need all your wits and imagination to overcome the gauntlet of baffling puzzles and fantastic creatures that block you on your quest.

In this richly detailed game of discovery and adventure, every choice you make can affect your future options and the attitudes of the many characters you'll encounter. Depending on your skill and the paths you follow, your adventure can end in many different ways. Nearly half of the possible events are optional!

Filled with deeper puzzles, more fantastic creatures, and a moving saga of romance and adventure, King's Quest VI is a mysterious and magical adventure for the entire family.


  • More flexible game design allows you to overcome obstacles in almost any order.
  • More puzzles and a greater variety of challenges than any King's Quest episode.
  • Multiple paths and different endings. Nearly half of the game action is optional.
  • A cast of custumed, video-captured live actors brings the adventure to life.
  • Over two hours of original music.
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King's Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow (1992)
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