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Lexi-Cross (1991)
Publisher's description

The 12st Century TV Game Show That's Beyond Words.

The audience cheers! Lights flood the stage! The tension mounts! The red "On The Air" light goes on and... it's time to play LEXI-CROSSTM, the galaxy's favorite 21st century game show.

Step into the future of television game shows and play the most addictive, thought-provoking word game on the planet.

You'll put your memory, strategic, and puzzle-solving skills to the supreme test in this fast-paced, futuristic TV Game Show that's sweeping the universe. Spin for letters, search for vowels, uncover words, ask for clues and watch as the beautiful Rohanna turns over word tiles in more than 600 brian-teasing puzzles challenging enough to make even the most die-hard couch potate forget completely about that remote control.

  • Play solo, face-to-face, team-to-team, or watch the computer compete against itself
  • Over 600 different puzzles guaranteed to challenge your competitive spirit
  • 256 color VGA graphics
  • Multiple levels of play
  • Play-by-modem
  • Full sound board support
  • Graphically create your own character
  • Practice and "On The Air" modes of play
  • Are you good enough to make the LEXI-CROSSTM Hall Of Fame?
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Publisher: Interplay

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