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MacGolf (1986)
Publisher's description

Enthusiastic players everywhere have made MacGolf the best selling Macintosh game ever. It's the most realistic golf match you can play with a mouse.

MacGolf puts you in the picture - a full perspective 3-D simulation of stimulating golf action.

That's you, up on the screen, matching your skills against unfair fairways, rugged roughs, bunkers, water hazards, sand traps and trees.

MacGolf gives you a player's eye view of the course, in any direction. The split screen shows an aerial overview of each hole, to help you plan your shot strategy.

You have complete control of your position, ball placement, ball speed and direction.

True-to-life golfing.

MacGolf gives you a complete selection of 14 clubs for every stroke in the book. You can hit the ball high or low, hook it or fade it. The ball's trajectory follows true golf ball dynamics.

The on-screen player is actually digitized directly from a golf champion in action. The digital sound track adds to the excitement with a realistic swish of the club, splash of water hazard, splat of a sand trap - even applause for a good putt.

A mind of its own.

MacGolf is a new game every time you boot it because playing conditions change constantly. Randomly generated wind speed, wind direction and putting green slopes are all part of the MacGolf game.

What kind of fun is playing a sure thing?

Choose your challenge.

With two 18 hole MacGolf courses there's no end of stimulating situations. You can play a full course of nine holes - against the computer or with up to a foursome. Each player can independently select one of three skill levels.

You can quit MacGolf at any point and resume play later.

Definitely not a spectator sport.

MacGolf is exercise of the mind. It's a thinking person's game that places a premium on analyzing each situation and applying sound strategy.

It's possible to hit a hole in one. But that's very rare, and you have to be very good.

The skill sharpener.

MacGolf is so close to the real thing it can help you improve your golf game in such critical areas as club selection, shot placement and stance.

In MacGolf, every day is sunny, every hole is perfect and there are no divots to replace.

By the time you've reached the nineteenth hole you'll know you've been in a real contest.

100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Additional golf courses available with MacCourses.TM

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