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Myst (1993)
Genres: Adventure
Publisher's description

22 November - A great injustice has been done... and I, Atrus, have paid the price. The books I have created lead to worlds so fantastic, they could fill a lifetime. But something has gone terribly wrong and my creations are being destroyed by someone's greed. I suspect one of my sons, either Sirrus or Achenar, but I cannot be sure. I dare not write further without revealing too much. My only hope is that I can find the answer before it's too la...

Few are chosen. Fewer succeed. Journey now to an island world surrealistically tinged with mystery... where every vibrant rock, scrap of paper, and sound may hold vital clues to your unraveling a chilling tale of intrigue and injustice that defies all boundaries of time and space. Only your wits and imagination will serve to stay the course and unlock the ancient betrayal of ages past.

  • Combine keen observation and logic to unlock the secrets of Myst
  • View incredible video and animation
  • Experience a first-person point of view with no distracting controls or windows
  • Delight in an original soundtrack and sound effects that enhance the sense of realism
  • Actual screen shots shown
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    Publisher: Brøderbund

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    Platforms: Macintosh (680x0)
    Media: 1x CD-ROM Disc
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