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Onslaught (1994)
Genres: Strategy
Publisher's description

This is war. This is Onslaught Strategic Level Warfare and your forces await your orders.

You must choose carefully the right strategies. The right weapons. The right time. This strategic level wargame lets you concentrate on your ability to outwit the enemy and not the game itself. Use your infantry and order your rangers and marines into batle. Command air and amphibious units to lay a barrage of cover or to destroy the enemy forces. You're in control!

Onslaught gives you the ability to place your forces freely within your borders, then control their movement and strengths. From rifle fire, to full nuclear strike, you have the power to control all the elements to gain victory.

But as in war, in Onslaught there is no single solution, so balance and resource managements are important factors that will test your command. To access any unit information just click on the unit and easy to read windows will provide all the necessary data for your command decision.

The stage is set. Tensions have mounted past the point of negotiations. Fear and blood have become synonymous. The oppressed have allied with the new leaders, new givernments. An offensive is near. It's now or never.

  • Compact, easy-to-use interface
  • Full range of terrain and weather effects
  • Amazing graphics, animations and digitized sounds
  • Eighteen detailed types of land and air units
  • Amphibious and airborne units
  • Turns and game may be replayed as "movies"
  • Network for two players
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