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Operation Crusader (1994)
Genres: Strategy
Publisher's description

November 18th, 1941

The Libyan/Egyptian border. Two armies are preparing for desert combat - preparing for victory! But only one can win. Will it be Erwin Rommel's Africa Korps or Sir Claude Auchinleck's British 8th Army? Blowing sand and the North African sun join to blur the picture like a mirage. Only the sound of German 88s and British Matilda Tanks snap you backto life. Your army needs you! So strap on your goggles and take your place at the head of the column. The battle is engaged and only your cunning will decide the day.

Lead your forces against the computer or another player (via E-mail or on the same computer). Test your skills as a WWII desert combat leader in six scenarios of increasing difficulty:

  • II Duce's Finest
  • Fortress Tobruk
  • Hell Fire Pass
  • To The Rescue!
  • Tobruk Relieved
  • Campaign Game


  • The playing area is a full color map of North Africa, stretching from Egypt to Tobruk, Gazala, and beyond - over 66,000 square kilometers!
  • Sweeping campaign with multi-national forces from Britain, New Zealand, India, South Africa, Poland, Germany and Italy.
  • Armored overruns, four types of assaults and several artillery missions re-create WWII desert combat as never before.
  • "Limited Intelligence" and "Fog of War" features provide realistic information blackouts on the battlefield.
  • All-new strategic planner provides a more aggressive and imaginative artificial opponent.


  • Play as either the Allied or the Axis commander against the computer or another player, via electronic mail (PBEM) or on the same machine.
  • Supports PBEM play across international computer networks such as Internet, CompuServe, GEnie, America OnLine, and Prodigy.
  • PBEM game files may be exchanged between opponents on Macintosh and MS-DOS computers.


  • Includes full color fold-out battlefield map and quick-start reference folder.
  • Features full color manual with game rules, hints and technical information on weapons and units.
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Operation Crusader (1994)
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