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Out of the Sun (1994)
Publisher's description

Three of the greatest World War II battles. And you're dogfighting in all of them!

OUT OF THE SUN takes you back to the glory days of dogfighting. No Heads-Up Displays, No radar. No computer-guided missiles. Just pure guts, raw skills and gritty determination.

Imagine flying in the thick of three of the greatest battles of World War II: Kursk, D-Day and Midway. Your knuckles will turn white as you go head-to-head against a German Messerschmidt as you help protect the Allied beachhead on D-Day. Or experience the adrenaline rush of flying a Dauntless as you dive-bomb a Japanese carrier fleet through a gauntlet of ack-ack and fire-spitting Zeroes.

Domark, the maker of the award-winning Flying Nightmares, gives you a flight sim that's as advanced as its scenarios are classic. Out of the Sun features leading-edge graphics like you've never seen before plus amazingly realistic flight modeling and animation. You'll fly dozens of air-to-air combat, ground bombing and torpedo-run missions.

Out of the Sun also includes varying difficulty levels. It allows you to fight for either side of every conflict. The battlefield artificial intelligence is state-of-the-art. The realistic frenzy of AA gunfire, tank blasts and dozens of swirling aircraft all combine to create the dogfight of your life!

OUT OF THE SUN. Fly the deadly skies of World War II.

  • BATTLE OF KURSK. Take to the Russian skies above Kursk. Below you are over 3000 German and Russian tanks embroiled in the biggest armored conflict ever. Fly Luftwaffe planes or Russian aircraft in an attempt to destroy massive tank formations.
  • D-DAY. Climb into the cockpit of a legendary P-51 Mustang or Spitfire and help protect the Allied forces in the largest invasion in history. Or take the controls of a German ME-109 or Focke-Wulf in a daring attempt to save the Third Reich - and alter world history!
  • MIDWAY. Choose from among the Japanese Kate, Val and Zero or American Wildcat, Devastator and Dauntless in the greatest naval air battle of all time. Test your mettle on island-based bombing missions or widow-making torpedo runs.
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Publisher: Domark

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Platforms: Macintosh (680x0, PowerPC)
Media: 1x CD-ROM Disc
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