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Pax Imperia (1992)
Publisher's description


The Galactic Empire Simulator

You control every aspect of a star-spanning empire. Economy, research, defense, espionage, exploration and diplomacy are your tools. Which one is right for you? With Pax ImperiaTM you determine which is the right path. Will you build a fleet of mighty warships or quietly establish economic dominion?

Pax ImperiaTM casts you in the role of emperor, your people are on the verge of entering the vast frontier of space. From among them you choose a cabinet of six advisors to assist in managing the resources of your world. Determine what technologies you will develop, allocate money and resources to build colony ships, and send the seeds of civilization to the stars.

But you are not alone. Across the vastness of space others share your vision. Even as you embark on your journey of exploration they could be exploring and colonizing planets nearby. How will you greet them? Will your peoples live in harmony together enjoying trade and commerce or will they be locked in conflict and deceit?

Pax ImperiaTM, state of the art entertainment software for your Macintosh from Changeling Software, Inc.


  • Support for multiple monitors, up to 256 colors and black and white
  • Up to 16 empires can play in real-time or turn mode
  • Talking advisors help you rule your empire
  • Tactical combat simulator gives you control of fleet actions
  • Total design freedom from individual technologies to dreadnoughts
  • Espionage, steal information from other players or assassinate their advisors
  • Incredible detail, explore and develop individual planets and moons
  • Build cities, ports, factories, and more on the surfaces of hundreds of worlds
  • Use stock species or create your own
  • Detailed reporting gives you up to the minute knowledge of your empire
  • Simple, informative interface makes controlling your vast empire easy
  • Communication with other emperors via your ambassador
  • Selectable universe size and random starting ensure that no two games are alike
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