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PlayMaker Football (1992)
Genres: Sports
Publisher's description

You wanna play games? Or you wanna play football?

As general manager, you build a team that suits your philosophy of winning football.

As head coach, you design unbeatable players that capitalize on your team's strengths and opponents' weaknesses.

As quarterback, you call dazzling players in a heated gridiron war, running and passing your way to victory.

You must be playing PlayMaker Football.

  • Design plays on the Chalkboard Editor. Recreate actual plays or create your own dream plays.
  • Give detailed instructions to your players, such as pass block, pump fake, double cover and more.
  • Test your plays on the Practice Field against various formations and plays.
  • Teach coaching strategy to the computer, so it imitates your play-calling style.
  • Build a team by balancing speed, strength, agility, intelligence and discipline for all players.
  • Thrill to realistic football action as animated players execute your plays.
  • Sit back and watch your team play or jump in and control the ball carrier in real time.
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Publisher: Brøderbund

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PlayMaker Football (1992)
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