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PT-109 (1987)
Genres: Simulation
Publisher's description

General Quarters! Man Your Battle Stations!

Take the helm of one of the most daring vessels of the World War II era, as you command the highly maneuverable PT-109. Originally designed to be an effective means of protecting shorelines from enemy assault, PT-109 is a versatile fighting machine that can range over large areas if necessary. As skipper of PT-109 you will embark on dangerous missions in the Pacific Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. And the enemy is not confined to the sea; it will require skillful strategy and optimum usage of your arsenal of weapons to successfully complete a patrol or a full campaign. Engage in action in the Solomon Islands during the period that the actual PT-109 skippered by then Lieutenant (jg) John F. Kennedy was active and lost. Since the enemy consists of 12 different kinds of ships plus airplanes, if the action gets to be more than you can handle alone, radio for assistance from friendly PT boards or planes. Experience the excitement and action of these historical battles in PT-109!

Highlights of the PT-109:

  • Four 90 degree views
  • 45 different missions (day and night)
  • Five levels of play
  • Practice Tactics mode
  • Full weapons arsenal (torpedoes, cannon, rockets, depth charges, machine guns)
  • Four theaters of action (Philippine Islands, Solomon Islands, New Guinea, and the Mediterranean Sea)
  • Detailed damage report
  • Lifelike explosions (and sound effects, on certain machines)
  • Realistic enemy ships and planes
  • Control panels and gauges
  • Flares and smoke screen
  • Cockpit, binocular, and map views
  • Auto pilot, Rapid Deploy, and Jump to Action options
  • Save game option

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Platforms: Macintosh (680x0)
Media: 1x 3.5" Double-Density Floppy (800K)
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