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Red Baron (1991)
Publisher's description

The year is 1914 - it is the dawn of World War I. Patriotic fervor runs high as young men across Europe prepare for a new age. For the first time ever, men will take to the air with the sole objective of blasting another airplane from the sky. Aviation is yet in its infancy. There are no books, no teachers - here and now, these young pilots must invent the skills and strategies that will keep them alive. Only the very best will survive, and they will perfect an artform all their own. These are the Aces, and this is the birth of aerial combat.

Red Baron takes you back to the bygone era, where you will experience the look, feel, and experience of aerial warfare in W.W.I. Engage in close-range dogfights, go balloon-busting to take out the aerial eyes of the enemy, take on Zeppelins, escort bombers deep into enemy territory, go undercover in nighttime missions and go head-to-head with such famous Aces as the Red Baron himself!


  • Fly on either side of the war as British pilot in the Royal Flying Corps or a German pilot in the German Air Service.
  • Includes 28 different aircraft, each in beautifully rendered and technically accurate 3-D. Including: Sopwith Camel, the D.H.2 Pusher, the Spad 7, the Albatross D.III, the Fokker Triplane, and many others.
  • Unique mission record feature lets you record an entire mission to disk - jump back into the game at any point and begin playing, again!
  • Accurately detailed 3SPACE worlds including the length of the German-French front, Verdun, the Somme, Paris and London
  • Play Single Mission or enlist for the full tour in Campaign Play with more than 40 missions played back-to-back from 1915 to 1918. Progress in skill and rank, and become eligible for medals awards, including the coveted Victoria Cross and Blue Max.
  • 200 page manual complete with maps, technical specifications, historical backgrounds, pilot profiles and aerial tactics.
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Publisher: Dynamix

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