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Rise of the Dragon (1990)
Publisher's description

In the Age of Decay Marking the Dawn of Darkness The Dragon will arise...His evil will become an addiction In the souls of mankind And death will be a blessing To those he has touched. Many will fear him Many will fall before him One will sacrifice all to destroy him.

In the Age of Decay...

The year is 2053, and the Age of Decay has begun in the city of Los Angeles. The air is thick with pollution, the streets are teeming with the sick and starving. Crime is at an all time high, and drug abuse runs rampant.

The Dragon will arise...

The world is ripe for one who has waited centuries to reclaim Heaven and Earth. He is known by many names, and many have told of his coming. He is the beast, the Dragon, and he has come back to restore chaos to the universe and rule once more.

One will sacrifice all...

So it is written, and William 'Blade' Hunter, Private Investigator is the only man for the job. His violent techniques and brash disregard for regulation got him an early retirement from the Los Angeles Police Department, but now they'll become the fulfillment of the prophecy - the fall of the Dragon.


  • Over 8 megabytes of game data.
  • Hand-painted 256 color graphics create a stunningly realistic gaming environment.
  • Complex character intelligence and interaction add depth and dimension.
  • No-typing, point and click environment appeals to experienced and novice players alike.
  • Haunting original soundtrack and sound effects.
  • Over 85 scenes and locations, each with dozens of randomly generated animations, multiple story branches, puzzle solutions and outcomes make Rise of the Dragon infinitely replayable.
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Publisher: Dynamix

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Rise of the Dragon (1990)
Platforms: Macintosh (680x0)
Media: 7x 3.5" High-Density Floppies (1.4M)