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Shanghai (1986)
Genres: Board & Card
Publisher's description

Smoke hangs thick as smoldering intrigue in the steamy alley backroom in Shanghai. Tension grips as fortunes ride on the clicking ivory tiles of a game. The game? Mah Jongg - the 3000-year-old Chinese obsession of sailors, warriors, scoundrels, and kings. Brought to America in the 1920s, it lured innocent players to addiction and was banned in Philadelphia. Now the best of this game returns - as Shanghai.

Stacked in the shape of a formidable dragon, the ancient tiles stand ready for battle. And you'll need dead-on strategy to win.

The basics are deceptively simple. From 144 randomized picture-tiles of 7 different suits, you snap off matching pairs till you run out of tiles or moves.

The catch: You can match tiles from only the dragon's head or tail. So you've got to know where your tiles are. How to play your way to them. And how to think two, five, even twenty moves ahead.

Still not tough enough? Just raise the stakes. You can take on other players - or play against the clock.

And slay a dragon that's beaten challengers for over 3000 years.

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Publisher: Activision

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