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Shanghai 2: Dragon's Eye (1991)
Genres: Board & Card
Publisher's description

Surrender to a 3000-Year-Old Obsession

The most captivating strategy game of all time just better.

Introducing Shanghai II: Dragon's Eye. Based, like the original Shanghai, on the ancient fascination of Mah-Jongg. And now with more of everything that made the original a computer game classic.

Several ways to play - Solitaire, Challenge, and Tournament - all so deceptively simple. The object: snap off matching pairs till you run out of tiles, run out of moves, or run out of time.

Simple? Sure - and simply addicting.

And at the heart of Shanghai II, you'll find Dragon's Eye. It's the ultimate challenge, even for the most cunning and seasoned Shanghai player.

Shanghai II features 3 modes of play for 1 or 2 players...8 beautifully detailed tile sets...over a dozen layouts based on the Chinese zodiac...and a Layout Construction Set for devising an endless variety of original formations.

Shanghai II: Dragon's Eye. It will beguile your days and nights. Demand your concentration. Become your obsession.


  • 8 tile sets with colorful themes, from Mah-Jongg to Playing Cards, Flags of the World, Sports, Fantasy, and more. 640 x 480 Hi-Res 16-color VGA graphics render them all in gorgeous detail (also supports 320 x 200 256 color MCGA).
  • 12 challenging tile formations, plus the classic Shanghai Dragon. Or create your own formations with the Layout Construction Set. Animations and sound effects bring the tiles to life.
  • Dragon's Eye, a special challenge for superior Shanghai players. It's move against move, as one player seeks to complete the Dragon formation, the other to dismantle it. Go up against a friend or the computer.
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Publisher: Activision

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Shanghai 2: Dragon's Eye (1991)
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