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Siege of Darkwood (1993)
Publisher's description

Your journey continues with enhanced action and excitement in the trilling sequel to the original Darkwood game!

The city of Darkwood is once again under attack from the evil being Torque. Help defend the city and its inhabitants from his many dangerous hordes that lurk in its shadowy midst.

You (Derek, Captain of the Guard) are selected as the only hope the city of Darkwood has in its defense! With valor (and limited resources), you must defend the city against many different foul creatures.

As you destroy each invading horde, you discover your attackers possessed gold (now yours), that can be used to buy more weapons, armour, secret potions and magic items. Gold pieces can also be won in the back streets in game of dice, if you feel lucky!

Features include:

  • Vivid Color Graphics.
  • Digitized Stereo Sounds.
  • 10 levels of progressively harder enemies to battle.

System Requirements:

System 6.0.7 or better. 8 bit color monitor (256 colors). 1 Meg of free RAM.

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Publisher: Point Software

Other information -
Where to get
Siege of Darkwood (1993)
Platforms: Macintosh (680x0)
Media: 1x 3.5" Double-Density Floppy (800K)