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Tetris (1988)
Genres: Arcade, Puzzle
Publisher's description

Discover the mystery of the four squares in TETRISTM. This game of skill was conceived by two Soviet programmers. Time is of the essence as you try to rotate and/or flip moving pieces to fit as they descend from the top of the screen. Make the pieces fit precisely with the others to form a complete row with no blank spaces. The quicker you position each piece and allow it to drop into place, the better your score.

As complete rows are formed they automatically disappear from the screen. When ten rows have been successfully removed, you advance to a higher level and the pieces descend faster. Therefore the further you get, the more challenging TETRISTM becomes.


  • Ten difficulty levels
  • Five heights to start from
  • Replay last game option
  • Randomly generated pieces
  • Scoring system with top ten recorded
  • Optional mode to preview next shape to fall
  • Statistics screen shows running total of times a particular shape has appeared in one game
  • Help screen
  • Beautiful background graphics
Additional features on Macintosh, Apple IIGS, Amiga and Atari ST:
  • Six player tournament mode
  • Advanced player mode
  • Russian music for mood setting

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Publisher: Spectrum HoloByte

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Where to get
Platforms: Macintosh (680x0)
Media: 3x 3.5" Double-Density Floppies (800K)