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Theme Park Valkyrie Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri Hexen Spaceway 2000
Valkyrie (1993)
Genres: 3D, Action
Publisher's description

Flight simulators have become so complicated that you practically need a pilot's license to use them. Only fanatics can dedicate the time necessary to master the flying, let alone trying to fly in combat.

Introducing VALKYRIE, the flying simulator for the rest of us. VALKYRIE is designed to be as easy as possible to fly, while you learn the complexities of combat. When you request hover, rate of climb, or rate of descent, the VALKYRIE will figure out how to set the main rotor to comply with your input. This greatly simplifies flying, allowing you to concentrate on threat detection, target acquisition, enemy destruction, hitting targets and accomplishing your mission.

The VALKYRIE has a top speed of 178 MPH, and will climb 6,000 feet per minute with a ceiling of 12,000 feet. The VALKYRIE is equipped with a forward-aimed, rapid-firing machine gun and 38 side-pod-mounted Air-To-Ground missiles. VALKYRIE features full-screen play options, incredible speed, multiple viewing options, digitized voice and sound, three-dimensional graphics and incredibly believable physics.

So, if you want to learn how to fly helicopters, try flight school. But if you want to play an incredible helicopter game, fly VALKYRIE.

Featuring 10 missions including:

Training Grounds, Dogfight Training 2 vs. 1, Dogfight Training 2 vs. 2, Dogfight training 1 vs. 3, Rolling Metal, Break Bridges, Protect and Destroy and Level Island.

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Developer: Donald A. Hill Jr

Publisher: Gametek, Inc.

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Platforms: Macintosh (680x0)
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