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Victory at Sea (1993)
Genres: Strategy
Publisher's description

December 7, 1941 may line in infamy. But what happens after that is up to you.

The U.S. fleet lies in ruin at Pearl Harbor. Roosevelt has placed the future of the Pacific in your hands. Sign up to command with Victory at SeaTM from the all-encompassing campaign game to the smaller, regionalized scenarios, Victory at Sea gives you the chance to test your strategy skills against the forces of history.

From Panama to India, from the Aleutian Island battlegrounds to the shores of Australia, Victory at Sea captures it all. Protect Allied troop transports at Leyte Gulf, the largest battle of the Pacific war and arguably the greatest naval battle in history. Fight for every square foot of ground in the Guadalcanal scenario. As leader of the Imperial Japanese Navy, the challenges are equally great. Would a few more successes have led the Japanese to the shores of California?

As the commander, you have many options at hand. Control the logistics of the war as you decide which resources to stockpile and where. Protect your crucial merchant supply lines. If you're unhappy with your ship captains, demote them. Review the battle, intelligence and communications reports as they come in. Then plan your next attack.

Designed by world-renowned military expert James F. Dunnigan, Victory at Sea's historical accuracy is without equal. It's all of the Pacific Theater. All of the conflict. All in your hands.


  • Full motion videos of actual Pacific war footage represent the action during game play.
  • Promote, demote or reassign task force commanders.
  • Control task force formations.
  • GameBookTM includes extensive historical background and numerous period photos.
  • Receive battle, intelligence and communications reports.
  • Game design incorporates logistics, combat, production and political models.
  • Fully-digitized sound and music.
  • Strong computer opponent.
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